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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the name of the plant which grows in the wild and has a large numbers of uses. Of course there is the most common use which is in its medication type but this little plant can do a lot more than that. Weed is often used for Hemp. Hemp is a natural and rather powerful content which can be used for outfits, document, oils; a whole variety of products.

Many believe that Weed and Marijuana are the same factor. Usually when individuals relate to the plant they are indeed alternatives but in medical conditions Cannabis is the name for the plant in its genuine type. Cannabis is the name of the genus which can develop as Weed Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Weed Ruderalis.

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Marijuana Strains

Cannabis 420 Store seeds is amongst the quickest increasing marijuana seeds organizations in European, UK, Australia & USA countries. After building up many years of experience in increasing marijuana seeds in the Netherlands, we made a decision to produce our own line of marijuana seeds and are now able to provide you great quality feminized, autoflowering and and medical seeds at a good price.

Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana, Skunk, Bud, , Chronic, Ganja – whatever you call it, we have a great choice of feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds for you to select from. These days there are many different strains of marijuana seeds and such an extensive variety of seeds organizations to select from, choosing your marijuana seeds can be challenging. Here at Cannabis 420 Store, we pleasure ourselves in providing an extensive choice excellent marijuana seeds at reasonable prices.

Whether you are looking for an Indica, a Sativa or an autoflowering strain (containing Ruderalis genetics), we are pleased we have something for every marijuana lover’s flavor. All of our seeds are feminised, significance you’ll have no male plant to recognize and eliminate – so you can focus on increasing the bud producing female plants.

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Our extensive variety contains many Highlife Cup and the High Times Weed Cup prize champions. Among them, traditional strains like White Widow, Glowing Gold Errors, North Light and Amnesia Errors. We in addition provide world renowned stresses such as OG Kush, Crucial and Skunk #1.Cannabis Seeds USA

In addition, we have a big choice of autoflowering types, most taking only 8-10 weeks to grow from seeds to harvest. Growing them could not be easier. With these seeds, even the first time grower can achieve an excellent result and produce the top great quality marijuana.

All of our seeds are grown naturally, chosen by hand and consistently examined to check the standard and germination rates. We also package them in strong packages to guard them from the atmosphere, guaranteeing that when you get your hands on them, they are in the best condition they can be.

If you have any more questions take a moment to contact us, check out our website at We are always happy to help.


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